The Logic Museum: testi di logica con traduzione in inglese


The Logic Museum è il sito dedicato alla logica che presenta le traduzioni in inglese con testo a fronte delle principali opere di logica

The Logic Museum, a site devoted to the history of Logic up to and including the period of Frege and Russell. “Traditional Logic” has a long history, and is much richer than implied by standard treatments of the subject (usually limited to a cursory discussion of the syllogistic moods, and of the awful ‘square of opposition’). The site is still under construction, but includes online texts not available elsewhere, links to other history of logic sites, and a discussion page.




Approx. date

Aristotle Metaphysics BC 335?
Aristotle Peri Hermenias BC 370?
Aristotle Liber Physicorum BC 340?
Aristotle Liber Posteriorum Analyticorum BC 370?
Aristotle Liber Praedicamentorum BC 370?
Julius Caesar De Bello Gallico BC 46?
Cicero Topica BC 44
Cicero De Divinatione BC 45




Approx. date

Abelard, Peter Historia Calamitum Mearum 1132
Abelard, Peter Super librum Perihermeneias 1121
Anselm Monologion 1076
Anselm Proslogion 1076
Aquinas, Thomas Summa Theologica 1265
Aquinas, Thomas De Potentia 1259
Aquinas, Thomas In duodecim libros Metaphysicorum expositio 1270
Aquinas, Thomas De rationibus fidei 1261
Aquinas, Thomas In Perihermeniam 1269
Aquinas, Thomas In VIII libros Physicorum 1265
Aquinas, Thomas De ente et essentia 1256
Aquinas, Thomas In Libros Posteriorum 1268
Aquinas, Thomas Super Boetium De Trinitate 1258?
Aquinas, Thomas Super Sent., lib. 2 d. 3 q. 1 pr 1254
Aquinas, Thomas Quodlibet XI 6 1272
Aquinas, Thomas De Aeternitate Mundi 1270
Augustine De mendacio 395
Augustine Confessions (Book XI only) 396
Augustine Confessiones (Complete) 396
Augustine De Civitate Dei 413
Bacon, Francis Novum Organum 1620
Boethius Tractatus de hebdomadibus 520
Boethius De Trinitate 520
Buridan, J. Quaestiones in analytica posteriora (question 4 only) 1335?
Burley, Walter Quaestiones in librum Perihermenias (1301) Question 4 1301
Cantor, Georg Extracts 1880s
Cantor, Georg Uber ein elementare Frage der Mannigfaltigkeitslehre 1890
Case, Thomas Logic (Encyclopedia Britannica) 1911
Grosseteste De Luce 1215
Joachim, H. The Nature of Truth 1906
Joseph, H.W.B. An Introduction to Logic (extract) 1906
Joyce, G.H. Principles of Logic 1908
McTaggart, John Ellis The Unreality of Time 1908
Mill, J.S. A System of Logic (extract) 1843
Ockham, William Summa Logicae 1318
Ockham, William Expositio in librum Perihermenias Aristotelis(sections 2-16 only) 1323
Porphyry Isagoge 268
Prior, A.N. Thank Goodness That’s Over 1959
Reid, Thomas Aristotle’s Logic 1774
Russsell, Bertrand The Principles of Mathematics (extracts) 1903
Russsell, Bertrand On Denoting 1905
Wittgenstein Some remarks on logical form 1929




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